About Us

The Genesis

The Lapaz Community Hospital Limited was incorporated in September 2003 under the companies Act 1963 (Act 179) as a private clinic and commenced health service delivery on 2nd May, 2004. The main facility is located at Abeka –Lapaz along the Anorhuma Street near Lapaz new market expanded from the threshold of a clinic to become a fully-fledged hospital in 2006.

On 29th November 2008, the hospital Annex Opened at Christian Village junction in response to calls and demands by residents, traditional and opinion leaders at Kissieman and Christian Village near Achimota, and business leaders within the community. 


To strive to become the leading Private hospital in Ghana and West Africa.


To provide high quality medical services to its valued customers at the least possible cost without compromising on quality. 

Strategy Statement

The strategy consist of carefully coordinated business activities such as: application of sound managerial practice, deployment of competent and highly motivated workforce, total commitment to excellent customer care, utilization of efficient and reliable hospital information and communication system, regular use of state-of-the-art medical technology, sustenance of consistently well-maintained infrastructure and leveraging on results-oriented clinical service modules to promote favorable hospital corporate image. The hospital is steered by a three-member Board of Directors and supported by a resilient management team demonstrated by the organizational chart illustrated below;

Services Rendered

The services the hospital renders include pharmaceuticals, imaging/radiography, medical laboratory, dental, optical, surgical and anaesthesia. Others are ENT, physician specialist, obstetrics/gynaecology, maternity, neo-natal paediatrics and dietary therapy. The rest are orthopaedic, physiotherapy, urology, neurology, clinical psychology, dermatology, IVF (Test Tube Babies) and emergency/ambulance services. 

Organizational Structure


The hospital is an 84-bed capacity facility that provides 24-hour medical services and treats three hundred (300) cases daily on average. It caters to the health needs of private companies, multinational organizations, clients on private health insurance schemes, the NHIS, and private individuals. It also harnesses the expertise of qualified practitioners and leverages technology to achieve remarkable results. 

Growth And Prospects

To ensure steady progress and growth we are giving prominence to acquainting the hospital with modern trends and best practices in quality health care delivery. 

We are also committed to building the capacity of a dynamic workforce consistently, to enhance their potentials to contribute more meaningful for optimum therapeutic outcomes towards world-class patient care.

Besides the hospital has expanded the emergency unit and provided robust modern technology to facilitate unparalleled rapid response to medical emergencies as emergency care is notably critical to the delivery of quality care. 

Finally, the hospital has considered rolling out a process for the creation of access to medical advisory services online as a strategic standpoint.  

Our Awards